Podernovone is a small paradise on earth composed by 10 hectares, of which 4.5 are under vine, an olive grove, an old Tuscan Podere of approximately 100 years old, the winery and a great garden with an ample collection of ancient flowers and aromatic herbs. It is located on the south-eastern slopes of Montalcino facing the glorious ancient volcano, Mountain Amiata. The vineyards are exposed to the southwest at an altitude of 320 meters on open and sunny slopes. Grounds, loose from a limestone matrix, guarantee the refraction of light and heat on the bunches.
At Podernovone are today the offices and the welcoming and functional tasting hall. Spacious rooms and well-kept accommodation are also provided for the stay and the convivial moments reserved for friends and guests.

Osteria le Logge
The Osteria le Logge is born from the deep love towards wine and food, that has matched Gianni Brunelli and his wife Laura. In 1977 the decision to open a restaurant footstep from the Fabulous Piazza del Campo in Siena, a UNESCO world heritage site, in a small narrow medieval street that from the main piazza leads up to the Pope’s Lodge.
Today the Tavern is a cosy environment with a subtly nostalgic taste, where originally the ancient grocery store Barblan&Riacci used to be. Gianni wanted to keep the ancient flair, combining his innovative concept of fine foods tied to quality, taste and sustainability.
From its birth, the Osteria became a reference point of fine cuisine and cosmopolitan environment where intellectuals, politicians, artists, food lovers and visitors would meet. The Osteria still today embodies the concept of a “meeting place”, where each guest can join the life of the restaurant embraced by local family flair.
Gianni used to say “eating is important but eating well is essential”
this phrase explains his concept of Osteria: devotion to the customer, to seasonal products and to the constant research of new contents to be developed.
This is still todays’ restaurant philosophy becoming over the years a reference point of the Tuscan gourmet cuisine. We would like to summarise everything with the Gianni’s fellow citizens phrase: “If you come to Siena, go eat at Brunell’s”.
Today Le Logge offers a dynamic and professional staff: the restaurant manager Mirco Vigni, the maître Agostino La Sorte, the Executive Chef Nico Atrigna to the best host ever, the soul and essence Laura Brunelli.


From September 2012, the Osteria le Logge adds another chapter to its history. A great intuition by Gianni and Laura in 1996, which takes a wonderful background in Via del Luparello (40 m from the Logge), is completed with the new splendid underground cellar. A very respectful renovation of the beauty of underground Siena. Four floors underground where 11,000 bottles live in a charming historic setting from the Middle Ages to the Etruscan times. At the first basement, there is the “TUBO” winebar, a unique place for tasting wines, cocktails and aperitifs. A space with ideal acoustics and soundproofed where various concerts and events are hosted. It is a cultural space designed to welcome any art exhibition and accomodate many artists.